Q:  Where do you get the bones?

A:  Most of the bones we use are sourced from a family farm in Coleman County. We do occasionally accept donations from from our fans and all of our bones are legally obtained with the land owners permission.  All of our bones are FOUND, and completely sun bleached.  It is important to note where we DO NOT get our bones from.  We have no interest in bones with fresh meat or that are ripe with decay. We do not clean road kill, or any kill for that matter. We will not use any part of endangered species and absolutely no animals are harmed for the purpose of this art..ever!

Q: Are they real bones?

A: Yes.  We do not use replica bones.


Q: Do you use human bones?

A: No.


Q:  How do you come up with your sculptures? Do you draw them out ahead of time and follow a design?

A: No. The trick is in our collection. Our studio is full of years worth of materials we have collected. We let our minds run wild with Pareidolia. "This looks like an eye. That looks like a mouth." We mix and match till we have a finished product.

Q: Are they sturdy?

A: They are built to last. Reasonable care needs to be taken to keep them safe. If they fall off a table on to tile they will break, but they won't buckle under their own weight. Each sculpture comes with a lifetime repair warranty. If one should break, ship it back to us and we will repair it at no cost, just pay shipping/transportation.


Q: Can they be displayed outdoors?

A: No. Exposure to the elements is bad for them, particularly direct sunlight and rain. A covered porch or patio should be fine, but note that we have had trouble with freezing temperatures damaging the bonding agent that holds them together.