The Haven Meadows Studio is the boyhood dream of artist Joshua Meadows.  He was introduced at an early age to assemblage mixed media sculpture by artist James Greenleaf, who created sculpture by binding and wrapping miscellaneous debris with wire.  Greenleaf incorporated the mental phenomenon Pareidolia ( Google it, you'll be glad you did) into his work.  Meadows, armed with a new and broader understanding of what art is and could be, set out to find his own niche and join in the fun.

He found his niche while walking through a field behind his house. As he came across a pile of sun bleached opossum bones he couldn't shake the feeling that the pelvic bone looked like a pair of eyes staring up at him.  He picked up that bone and said "If this is your eyes, where is your mouth?"  He then collected the bones, returned home, solved the puzzle, and before he knew it Hecubus was standing on two feet.  He spent the next decade collecting materials and learning better ways to bind them.

Since he was inspired by another artist, Meadows always felt a calling to inspire, foster a sense of collaboration, and challenge the perception of art of many good friends over the years. He decided to brand himself as the Haven Meadows Studio to allow consideration for the contributions made by the wonderful people who have spent time in his company. In 2010 he met the collaborator he would eventually call his wife, Farrah Nada Meadows.  After realizing their time in Austin had run it's course, the couple moved back to the small town where Meadows was born, Coleman Tx. They currently reside there, continuing their work as artists and managing the local history museum.